People play Croquet for various reasons, more exciting than Golf, more stimulating than Chess, more challenging than Bowls and also like these other activities you can get socially engaged with others from all walks of life. Unlike other sports Men and Women usually compete together and are ranked on equal terms. You do not need particular strength to play the shots, Tactics and subtlety will normally win out which often makes women better players.

As stated above you can join in games from your first day but like any activity you will need time and practice to develop. In this you will be helped by other Club Members. We both visit and have Visitors from other Clubs around Sydney through various social competitions where it is custom for the host Club to provide morning tea. A draw is done before each game to see who you will play with and against .This has the sometimes harmonious outcome that you will not always be playing with your life partner if you are both Club members.

Gateball is also played by both men and women. Smaller equipment than Croquet is used on a lawn half the size. This in no way diminishes the fun, tactics and skills employed.

The game originated in Japan in 1947 and is played by millions around the world especially in Asia. Epping Croquet Club was one of the early adopters of the game.

As with Croquet there are social interactions with other Clubs even combining teams to play in competitions.

With 10 balls in play rather than 4 as in Croquet it can be challenging. Because the Captain guides the tactics.There is no handicap ranking.