Only Seniors play these sports?

It is true that the majority of players are seniors but people of all ages play. Some schools have Croquet as one of their set sports. So all ages are welcome

Is it difficult to play?

Our experience is that we can have people with a wide range of ages and abilities play. However like other sports you need to build your skills over time.

Is it physically demanding?

You need to be in reasonable physical and mental health. Some people play into their nineties.

Is it expensive?

The Club leases the Premises from Parramatta Council who also maintain the lawn so our rates at $100 a year are very competitive due to the low overheads. Green fees are $3 per day

Do I need special clothing or equipment?

Normally no, you dress to suit the weather of the day with flat soled shoes similar to joggers. Initially you can use the club mallets before you purchase one yourself for about $150 depending on the type.

Where is the nearest public transport?

The bus stop from Parramatta is 450 metres away and to Parramatta 50 metres away. They run every 15 to 20 minutes.
Epping station is approx. 750 metres away.

Is coaching provided?

Individual coaching can be given. With newcomers each club member will assist them in learning the skills. In the initial stages you will be partnered with a more experienced player

Which days do you play?

Croquet is played on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays while Gateball is played on Thursday .There is scope to extend those slots into other days

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